Monday, October 1, 2012

Late Start Monday

     Every other week at school we have these late start days. they are used to get together as a staff and/or department to discuss, visit, work on projects, etc... The kids come in late on those days; for most of them the day starts at 9:55. You would think that because they come in later that they would be more rested and ready to work. But no. They know they don't have to get up as early so they tend to stay up later than normal (although I continually amazed at just how late teenagers stay up on school nights), and consequently they come in dragging. Most of the time our staff meetings run a little shorter than the prescribed time which is nice as it gives us the opportunities to get things done in our rooms.
     I had a very productive weekend. Doug and I went to Costco and did some major shopping, although I guess any trip to Costco is considered major shopping. Sometimes you see people who just pop into Costco for a bottle of wine or a box of cereal. Here they stand - in lines 6-7 people and baskets deep to get one item. Is it really that much cheaper? People don't value their time! We then took a turn around Home Depot picking up a couple of item we needed. On the way home we got sidetracked by an estate sale. Got some lamps for Doug's shop, a very nice plant hanger that stands independently and hold four plants, and of all thing we got a flamingo ceramic plate for a friend that collects flamingos. Normally I try not to encourage other's collecting but this plate was a large serving plate and very nice. For $2 how could I go wrong?
     I finished Nancy and Jerry's quilt blocks. Now they are nice and neatly piled in rows on my sewing table covered with a piece of fabric because I know Jerome will find them. and I started to put Smitty's quilt (guild President) on my design wall. Looks good. Can't wait to get it finished so I can move on to something else. I really need to work on my neighbor's bedspread. She's been sick the last 2 weeks. Every time she gets ill and lands in the hospital I feel a need to get it done for her. I am so afraid I will not get it done in time. She has been able to get well each time but they have told her it will not get better (she has COPD) and I do want her to enjoy her quilt, the longer the better.
     Bells, bells, bells. Students. Gotta run! The day has finally begun.

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