Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!

   We are in the middle of the yearly heat wave! It was 100+ degrees yesterday in Santa Maria, where I work. And 98* in Grover Beach, where I live. I was not prepared for the heat. I wore jeans and a black 3/4 sleeve tee with my saddle shoes. Boy, bad choice. What was I thinking? Well, we got up yesterday and our t.v. cable system was out. They had power outages and wind damage in Nipomo and all over so I suppose we were the victim of weather. So, Doug and I pulled up Sunday Morning off our DVR and listened to that while we ate breakfast. I never thought to check the temps for the day, although we have two computers and a smart phone and an iTouch within reach. It had been 73* on Friday at school and even though they said it was going to get warmer I had no idea it was going to jump 30*. My only redeeming grace is that I am in a portable classroom with air conditioning. Many parts of this school are so old (first graduating class was in 1893; there were 3 seniors!) that they were, of course, built before air conditioning and the district has not taken the time or money to update those buildings. And usually it is o.k. as we pretty much stay in the high 60's or low 70's all year round. Except for a fluke like this week. 100* yesterday and supposed to be 97* today but it doesn't feel like it will get that hot. There is a nice morning breeze happening. and just wait...next week we will be wearing our winter coats and scarves! Autumn is supposed to be cold not hot. I want my season change and I want it now!

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