Tuesday, October 16, 2012


     If I didn't know better, I would think the campus is being taken over by ants! We, on the south side of the campus have been inundated with ants in the past month. They are everywhere, but not in places where you would expect them to be. Just killed 3 on my books. I have a bottle recycling bin in my classroom. The kids put all their energy drink cans and juice and soda and water bottles in it on a daily basis. The ants aren't bothering that. 2 down on my pencil cup. I have Tootsie Roll pops in my desk drawer; they are bothering those. They aren't in the trash cans where the students throw away their food wrappers. They are on the walls, the bookcases and my desk; I have killed 7 on my keyboard since I began this blog 4 minutes ago. I am not alone in this siege. The class rooms up and down the row of portables are also having issues. Maybe something sinister (2 more on my in-basket) was unearthed when they put in the pool a couple of hundred feet away? Hmmmm. Hey! got 4 more: two on the phone and 2 more on my desk by my file folders.
     My weapon of choice for ants has always been Windex. Non-lethal, always on hand, it seems to kill the scent trail they are establishing. Even though it works temporarily, the ants seem to just move to another spot and resume their attacks. This is getting creepy. 3 more dead on the keyboard, 2 on my mouse pad. The school gets bug sprayed periodically so the issue will eventually go away but in the mean time we struggle with the ants and try to win the battles if not the war itself.

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