Friday, October 5, 2012


     I am currently holding my last job. I hope. I have been working since I was 15 and if you do the math, ACK, that is over 41 years now! I'm tired. I did take a couple of years off before I started teaching to finish my degree and get my credential. But that maybe was the hardest work of all. Brain work at an age when most people are settled into a daily routine, working at a job, having kids in high school, and would never consider going back to school. I am an over achiever I guess, or maybe just plain dumb to struggle so much so late in life. Hard to say. But I know at the time that I did not want to do what I was doing for the rest of my working career. so I thought I would take this opportunity to see if I could list all the jobs I have had, paying jobs that is, besides being a mom and wife, officer of my quilt guild, etc...
     Here goes: (Note: some of these I had overlapping as in 2 or more part time jobs) 1. Salesclerk: The Broadway Dept. Store, 2. Bookkeeping Clerk: Santa Barbara Savings, 3. Temp Office: Manpower, Inc. 4. Payroll Asst.: Manpower, Inc., 5. Delivery: Brundage Flower Shop, 6. Asst. Manager: House of Fabrics, 7. Delivery: Santa Maria Valley Garden Center & Florist, 8. Designer: Santa Maria Valley Garden Center & Florist, 9. Designer: San Luis Floral, 10. Designer/ Floral Shop Manager: Dairy's Madonna Gardens, 11. Secretary: Waterway Irrigation & Pipe Supply, 12. Salesclerk: TG&Y. 13. Manager/Fabric Dept.: TG&Y, 14. Bookkeeper/Payroll: TG&Y, 15. Designer/Manager: Cramer's Flower Shop, 16. Owner: Diet Center, 17. Salesclerk: Gottschalks Dept. Store, 18. Janitor: Central Coast Janitorial, 19. ATM Servicer: Diebold, 20. Ad Inserter: Five Cities Times Press Recorder, 21. Route Person: Five Cities Times Press Recorder, 22. Morning Weekend Grill Cook: Jack in the Box, 23. Teller: HomeFed Bank, 24. Vault Teller: HomeFed Bank, 25. Operations Supervisor: HomeFed Bank, 26. Salesclerk: Welcome Home Retail Store, 27. Teller: SESLOC Federal Credit Union, 28. Salesclerk: Betty's Fabric Store, 29. Vacation Rental Manager: Dolphin Property Management, 30. Vacation Rental Manager: Sea Wave Property Management, 31. Data Processor/office help: Pismo Coast Management & Realty, 32. Substitute Teacher: Lucia Mar Unified School District, 33. Substitute Teacher: Santa Maria Joint Union High School District, 34. English Teacher: Santa Maria Joint Union High School District.
     THAT was an interesting excercise. I think I got them all. I'm tired. When can I retire?

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