Friday, October 26, 2012

Rally Schedule

     Today we are on a Rally Schedule at our school. It is Home Coming tonight and the student population gets the opportunity, during this rally to see the candidates, after all their campaigning, and decide who will be the Home Coming King and Queen. In all things we, as educators, try to bring our students into the current times, stressing technology at every turn. But this is an old fashioned comfort I am glad they have not done away with. It harkens back to the high school days of long ago for me. Yes, my high school days were very long ago, almost 40 years to be exact, for I was a graduate of the class of 1973. Wow, does that make me sound old! Anywhooooo... I think it is nice that some traditions still exist. And sad that some have gone by the wayside.
     In our school, for reasons not quite clear to me, school spirit figures into very few occasions. Not many kids come out for the games (of any sport), yearbook sales are so low they are always in danger of being discontinued all together. School dances get cancelled due to low ticket sales. One can blame the  economy but I don't think attendance at these functions would be high even if the students got in free. Which is really a shame.
     So, today, on rally day, all the students will go and participate. See the funny sketches put on by each of the four classes. (Seniors usually win.) Get a look at the candidates for King and Queen, do some cheers with the cheerleaders, listen to the band do the "Boomba! Hey!" one of the few traditions dating back to the 50's. One class yells Boomba! A different class yells Hey! And so it goes as they try to out-yell each other. It will be a fun time mixed into the middle of our day. But I really think the kids would rather just go home early. Such a shame. Where did school spirit go?

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