Friday, September 28, 2012

The Navy

     We have a Navy recruiter in our classes today. The kids are really responding to him. I hope many of them will consider the military. It is a good life for a lot of kids because so many of these kids don't or can't think about a four year college. I always encourage them to think about the military.
     Of course, I grew up in the military. My dad spent 22 years in the Navy. Some of it was difficult but now, looking back on my early life, I have been really glad I had that experience. I have seen parts of the county that many have not ever seen. That comes from traveling back and forth across the United States, by car, getting from one base of duty to another. And because my dad got paid vacations, we were able to travel every summer and during the holidays. Road trips!
     This is the last day of a career unit I added this year for my juniors. We had speakers from the Navy and the Art Institutes and we spent 3 days in the computer lab looking at career s and then seeing what type of education those careers need. We also got onto college web sites and looked around at tuition, dorms, athletics and clubs on campus. I think it was a valid lesson for 3 days extending with the speakers to a whole week. This campus doesn't have a required career unit like Righetti HS which is another school in our district. But that is changing. We have purchased a career computer program but we really need the teachers to get behind it and use it. this week has been a success and I am glad I decided to do it. And it has given the students time to finish an essay I assign during "The Crucible."
     Next week ~ Edgar Allen Poe, Poetry and Thinking-Outside-the-Box.

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