Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Trees

     Yesterday on my way to work I noticed a change in the corner lot where Hoppers set up their tree lot every year. The ground had been leveled and there was a white cargo trailer sitting on the back of the lot. Could it be? Are they coming already? And then I realized that this is the week of Thanksgiving and they always come before the holiday for those people who get their tree the day after Thanksgiving.
     This morning as I drove by there were two, and maybe more that I didn't see, workmen out in the back portion of the lot setting up the big tent where they have their cash register and a small store for tree stands, etc... They also display a small amount of flocked trees (beautiful but messy) and serve free hot popcorn and cold cider. They are nice people; a family from Oregon. They spend their Thanksgiving on the road so that we can have Christmas trees to buy. It's a sacrifice that goes above and beyond.
     Every year we go, around the middle of December and pick out our tree. They always have a good supply. I like Douglas Fir but have bought some other types of Firs over the years. I sometimes even splurge for a Noble Fir because I do like the stiff branches. They are usually a little more pricey than the rest of the selection but my ornaments look so nice on them. 
     I just can't believe they are here. There is a certain amount of comfort in their presence. I caught myself smiling all the way to work.

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