Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just Crazy

     I have tried to post several blogs since the Nov. 20 one. Things have gotten in the way and they are sitting in my drafts. It's been just crazy around my classroom. It's because it's this time of year. Of the two semesters this one is shorter because the one in Spring has two weeks devoted to testing. So I always feel rushed in the fall. Then last week as I was beginning to post grades, electricians working on portables across the way from me, cut my Internet wire. Just mine. I without Internet for a whole week before I made a big fuss and they came up with a temporary solution. since I do most of my blogging before school, at school, I was physically down which took me mentally down also. Now I have wireless, which is slow, but at least it works and I will be able to post my final grades this week.
     Now you know where I have been. I can't promise I will be here much for the rest of the month. Once I get out of school for a holiday break, I have a tendency to forget about computers. But I have been writing in my head. Most people don't know that counts but it does. Getting it all down on paper is the middle step, not the beginning. the more I write in my head the more excited I am to be able to get it down and get working on publishing it all. Such a good story. I'd buy it if I read about it. I hope lots of other people will feel the same way.
     In the mean time, I need to do the lights, bake, get the tree and wrap presents. so I will keep this short today. Too much to do, so little time!

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