Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm back

     It's been over a year since I started this blog and almost a year has elasped since I wrote. Good grief! So much has happened in that year; way too much to go into now but suffice it to say, I was busy! So, now I would like to start again to get more into blogging. I attended a writer's conference this last weekend and one of the tips they gave was to start a blog to get your name out there. Well, I already have one but it is sitting decaying for lack of use.
     I am hoping this time to be better at this blogging excercise. They told us that we should also have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. Will have to get to that later. Right now I am full of energy about writing so I hope to not only keep all of you up to date on the progress here on this blog but also spend some serious time writing.
     Baby steps: I have bought myself some journals. One to write in at home and a small one to keep in my purse to record accidental words of wisdom I hear while I am out and about. People say the funniest things! I also am purchasing a writing desk for home. Will it inspire me when I have a place of my own to write? I hope so, because I really want to be serious about this. Wow! I used the word serious twice in this blog!
     Wish me luck!

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