Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kinda Lika a Resolution

     Well, here it is the second day of this daily posting stuff. I actually have small snippets of time within my day so I should be able to use those to post. I am feeling less overwhelmed than I was last week. It was a crazy week but after a discussion with my husband I realized that I was wasting a ton of time everyday just chill-axing after school. I really need to be more proactive and utilize that time better. Yesterday I had several phone conversations for my quilting guild business and I actually got in my sewing room - my cat was happy- and sewed some on the ginormous quilt I am making for my best friend. I really need to get that done and even though I only spent about 40 minutes working on it I felt accomplished. I also think that part of the reason I am not sleeping well at night is because I take that little nap after school. You know ~ the one where you sit for a minute with a snack and cup of tea, say you're going to read just a chapter in your book and before you know the cat is on your lap fast asleep and you justify another 45 minutes to just close your eyes, which of course ends up in a 90 minutes nap and you don't get anything done. I got in the habit of that in the afternoons while I recovering from cancer surgery but now there is really no reason for it. Bad habits die hard. So I am making a committment, kinda like a resolution, to not waste those hours after school. We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know!

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