Thursday, August 18, 2011's gone

Well, so much for THAT summer. Every year they just seem to be getting shorter and shorter! So how was it? Well, it was busy. We did a ton of things around the house, most that needed to be done before summer but got put off till I had the time to them. And we took some vacation trips, which were great fun! We do so love a good road trip!
One of the things I FINALLY did was go through my stack (actually that should read Rubbermaid Totes) of pictures. I had three totes of pictures and slides from my childhood, my life before kids and all the pictures one takes as your kids are growing and then all the pictures people give you of different occasions like birthdays etc... Most of them were taken before the time of digital cameras so I have "doubles" of almost everything. In a way that is nice since I had to split them up into two groups, one for each child to get eventually, but it makes the job more time consuming. So I got the mess under control and I have each childs' pictures that I want to work with in two manila, 8x11, envelopes (yes I know, 4 envelopes. Who needs all these?) I thought about just mailing them to each of the kids but I don't think that would be fair. I mean, after all, I was the one that took all these pictures meaning to do something purposeful with them. So I have decided to go through them, whittle them down again and do a scrapbook for each of the children. Luckily I only have two. I have discussed this plan with the kids and they say they do not wish to have any part of this until it is done. Not that they aren't interested but neither of them thought that they would get around to doing anything with the pictures and seemed pleased that I would do it. So, add yet another project onto the list. I will eventually get around to it. Summer is only 10 months away!

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