Wednesday, July 10, 2013


     We're on vacation! Yay! I remember the first time I blogged on vacation. It was the summer of 2008 and we took a drive from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL on Route 66. It was something new to me but I learned a lot about blogging and I had a lot of fun. You can probably still find that blog somewhere on Google but I have moved on to this blog and though I don't usually journal daily activities exclusively, I decided that since the people I know and love read this blog, it would be just as easy to use it for our trip.
     We are currently in Klamath Falls, OR for the night. We went to San Francisco over the past weekend, and were planning on heading north from there, but Doug had to return home for an interview on Monday morning. So Monday afternoon we struck out again to spend two days in Sacramento, CA. Capital city of California. But other than view the Capital building from about a mile away we pretty much stuck to an area call Old Town Sacramento; 7-8 square blocks of original buildings down by the railroad tracks and the Sacramento River. It is a part of town that was raised 10 feet at one time to keep the river from flooding the businesses and streets. This created an underground of old doorways to closed businesses that they left and now use for tours. Kinda cool.
     We stayed the two nights on a refurbished River Boat that was originally used to get people from Sacramento to San Francisco. After being used in WWII as a hospital ship it was sunk during a storm in the San Francisco Bay. In the 1980's someone salvaged it and restored it back to its original glory (at a cost of 9 million dollars) and now the Delta King is permanently docked in Old Town and used as a hotel and restaurant. It was a good experience. The doorways are small and narrow, the floors are slanted, there are no ice machines and the Wi-Fi doesn't work all the time. But the air conditioner worked, and you couldn't feel the movement of the boat and the food was good. So, overall, a neat place to stay!

     Two days in Old Town and we visited a restored school house from the turn of the century. I went in and sat at the teacher's desk. It was so small as far as space went, not size wise. I talked to the docents who were in costume, and retired teachers, and enjoyed them very much. I would not have been able to be a teacher back then as teachers were always single women. It's funny that some of the same rules they have posted I STILL use in my classroom, like: one student at a time to the privy (bathroom)!
     We went through Weed, CA today. I knew it was an actual city, as I have researched it. (From the book Of Mice and Men that I teach to freshmen) but it was cool to be able to get the city sign as we went through. Now I can post it on my bulletin board for them to see. :)
     Tomorrow we are on our way to Redmond, OR which is about 1/2 an hour from Sisters, OR where the quilt show is Saturday. I don't know what we're doing between now and then but I'll keep you posted.
     Gotta love summer!



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