Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation Con't...

     Today is Friday. We got into Redmond, OR yesterday around noonish. We had driven from Klamath Falls in the morning, stopping at a very nice (and huge) quilt store in La Pine, OR. Yes, bought some really nice Christmas fabric I couldn't resist and found a couple of gifts for the kids. We checked into our room in Redmond and decided we would scope out the town of Sisters so we would have our bearings the day of the quilt show; which is Saturday. It is a beautiful little town. We found the singular quilt store where I was able to purchase some postcards of the quilt show and a lovely lavender sachet pincushion for my small but growing collection. The store was jammed with women and men, mostly women. The fabric selection was great but the ladies at the counter were kind of snobbish. Two of them were ok but one was a bit short with me when I asked if they would be giving a discount the day of the show. She said, "Why would we?" Gee, I don't know...a discount brings even more people into the store and when they get a good deal, even a small discount, they buy more. DUH. Anyway we got some good information about a shuttle to the show and a back way into town to the shuttle stop, which is at the high school. And we got a hint on a good local place to eat dinner. By the time we walked around a little and visited some of the other stores, ate dinner and got back to Redmond (1/2 hour drive from Sisters) it was after 8:30. We were tired. We watched a little TV and then went to bed.

     This morning we got up and lazily got ready for the day. Redmond is THE antique center of Central Oregon (who knew?) I found some great maps in one store. I love maps. In another store I found a great cast-iron, standing bird feeder at a ridiculous low price and Doug found me a small treasure. It's an old pincushion in the shape of a globe with a place for a thimble and a tape measure! Too cute! Had to come home with me!
     After the thrill of finding this lovely little item we decided it was time for some lunch. We were directed to a small hamburger stand a couple of blocks away called Dawg House II. It had a big sign on the door stating that it was owned and operated by a veteran. The hamburgers were some of the best we have ever eaten. I had mine with grilled onions and mushrooms and Doug had his with an Ortega chili, both sans bun :) Yummy!
     After lunch we took in a movie: Pacific Rim. It was good. A modern tech Godzilla type movie. And now we are finishing up our day by doing laundry (a necessity when traveling for more than a week and you don't want to lug multiple suitcases!)
     All in all we have had a great time so far. Oregon is beautiful...water everywhere including a river swiftly running behind the hotel where we are staying. It is lovely to be able to watch the rushing water as we eat breakfast in the morning.
     Tomorrow is the quilt show. We will be up early to get to Sisters by 8:00 or so. I would really like to see how they accomplish hanging 1300 +/- quilts in one morning all over town. We were talking to one shop owner yesterday and she said it was a miracle to watch them take it down last year when it decided to thunderstorm and rain towards the end of the day. She said they got all the quilts down and wrapped in two hours, and none of them were damaged! Amazing!
     If I am not too tired to blog tomorrow night I will catch you up on Sunday. We're not leaving Redmond for home until Monday.  


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