Friday, May 10, 2013

Odd & Random

     In the past couple of years I have come upon odd and unusual sightings. Some of them I have been able to document with a camera. Some I just store in my brain. One of those "Uh?" moments.
     For instance: I drive a particular route to school every day. In our neighborhood I drive by a green house that sits on a street corner on the bend of the road. As one comes to the ever-so-slight turn, there is a picture window, in that house, that looks right out onto the street. The curtains are never closed, and in front of this window is a couch, set at an angle. Beyond the couch is a dining room table with a crystal light fixture hanging  over it. The inhabitants of the house are very often up early and you can see their white-haired heads as they sit on the couch and read their newspaper. Along the back of the couch lies a dog. He's (I think he looks like a boy) a Jack Russell Terrier, although I can't really tell if he is a pure-bred. He lies behind the couple's heads with his head on his paws, stretched out, and looking out the window. Mr. Terrier is there every day; without fail. Watching the world go by.
     Now, I have had dogs and I have had cats most of my adult life. This behavior is not particularly unusual. But I have to wonder; how many people actually see the dog every day? Do they smile and wave at the dog? Have they stopped and knocked on the door, wondering what his name is? What all does the little dog see every day? People walking other dogs, cats prowling, cars busting through the stop sign on the corner? Certainly he sees the kids that walk to and from the elementary school down the block. Do they smile and wave? Does he wag his tail at them, or bark? Hmmm. I wonder.
     Another thing I've noticed recently has been in restaurants. Have you been in a restaurant lately? You can't go past a table without noticing that people's phones are all laying on the table. They have almost become part of the table setting. To the right of the spoon, please. Or if someone happens to be left handed; to the left of the forks and below the butter dish. Thank you, very much. I don't often hear one ring, so they must all be muted or on vibrate. I think it is strange that we are so connected that we cannot even sit through an hour or two dinner with friends or family without being able to see if we are being called, or our e-mail gets a message, or our Words With Friends opponent has played. I understand getting an emergency call, but most of the stuff that comes over my phone is not an emergency. Why do we have to have our phones ON the table? Isn't it good enough to have them in a coat pocket or purse? Could we not excuse ourselves and check the phone outside if we are expecting some tid-bit of important information? Nope. Guess not. The phone must be on the table. It is almost as if they have become a status symbol, like drinking water out of a water bottle used to be.
     Just two little observations for the day. Look around. What do you notice?

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