Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hangers vs. Hooks

     It is amazing to realize how much we change over the years...and just how much we don't change, really. We have always lived in a small home, up until 3 years ago it was only 1010 square feet. At that time we added 200 more square feet as a bedroom, onto the back of the house.
     Here's the thing. For the first 30+ years in this house it has always been cramped, especially for 4 people, and lacking in storage. The two original bedrooms were built without closets as houses of our age were not built with closets. People used armoires and dressers to store their clothes. So, in each of the bedrooms closets have been added that jut out into what was the original garage. Closets: 6 feet wide and just deep enough to hang a hanger. This scarcity of storage has created a sense of ...what shall we call it? "Creative alternatives."
     Hooks. Love the hooks. 2 on each side inside the closet, for robes and belts and two for the back of the bedroom door for coats, sweaters and anything else one can hang on the hooks and still open the door to walk into the room. Hooks on the wall behind the door. Hooks on the back of the bathroom door. Hooks for towels inside the bathroom that is so small you have to close the door to get to the sink. Four towels can be hung in the span of one towel bar. Hooks inside the tub for puffs and loofahs.Hooks in my sewing room to handle the tools and assorted little things I want to look at while I sew. Hooks for completed little quilts, hanging in front of the windows, on other pictures hanging on the wall, by, you guessed it...hooks.
     I have come to realize that, after all these years of being forced to use hooks, I really like them! As a matter of fact, I prefer them over hangers hands down. I use ALL my ration of hooks and most of Doug's, as he is so ready to point out every time he takes a shower. There are two hooks on the back of the bathroom door. One is for me and one is for Doug. One has my robe and a nightgown hanging on it. The other has several of my tank tops and t-shirts hanging on it. Doug just doesn't fight it any more. He puts his robe, for after his shower, on the toilet or sometimes draped over the items I have on the hutch that is in the bathroom. Picture: Fluffy man's robe on a ledge measuring 12" deep by 24" long filled with a box of Kleenex, a candle and matches and a small wooded decorative box my father made me. Poor man. But really, it is his fault. when the hooks went up, he didn't claim his fast enough and now I have squatter's rights. I don't know who invented hooks...probably some cave man (or woman not to be sexist, after all they were probably the ones that had to deal with the cave that was too small) as I doubt they were too difficult to imagine. I love that person. Gotta love the hooks!

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