Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well, I guess I CAN create a blog...

My name is Jody and I have been talking about creating a blog for years. I have been writing for most of my life and originally wanted a place to post my writing for any one who's interested. But as the years have gone by I have branched out into other interesting parts of life and now I just want a place to , not only post some of my writing , but talk about quilting, my family, my experiences as a teacher, Jerome, my spoiled cat and anything else that comes to mind on a daily basis. You will probably see some rants, I am familiar with a soapbox, and thoughts on my past, especially people and places from my childhood.
My children have finally convinced me I can do this, all rather simply, on line with a blog. As you can see I am in the construction phase of this thing but hope to conquer the technology of it all so that others will not find it too tedious.
I hope whoever will read this will enjoy it and feel free to post comments as desired.
Welcome to my life!


  1. Well now, welcome to the blogosphere. :) As for the stars, I love them too much to just put out once a year so I hung them up above the fireplace. I just don't have a picture of them up. To follow me, just click the "Follow" button on the right of my blog. I'll move it up to the top so it's easier to find. Love you!

  2. I (Paul) am very intrigued with the idea of reading rants and philosophical musings from your dendrites!