Monday, November 25, 2013


     Here it is: 4 days before Thanksgiving and I haven't really spent much time being thankful. My kids started being thankful at the beginning of the month, on their blogs and Facebook pages. I don't think they have all kept up with it but I know they have tried.  I should make up for my lack of posting about how thankful I am. I posted a blog about being grateful earlier in the year but, truly, is that really enough? Don't get me wrong; I am thankful every day. I just haven't written about it and probably without putting that out into the universe in writing, it's just not worthy. So I suppose I could catch up or...wait a the whole month today! So here goes...Let's see if I can make this happen, although not writing it every day kind of takes away from the whole thinking about it everyday, which I suppose is the point of this exercise. But it couldn't hurt to see if I can come up with 30 things I am thankful for...
     I am thankful for:
     1.   My husband: Doug. It goes without saying that I would not enjoy the life I have now without him.
     2.   My children: Jennifer and David. Who could have imagined they would make such a wonderful addition to my life?
     3.   My children's spouses: Joscelyn and Paul. Without them my children would not be happy. And isn't that all a mother wants?
     4.   My house. A little small, a little bit of a money pit. But charming with age and 10 blocks from the ocean.
     5.   My health. It has been a struggle the past two years, but I think I am winning.
     6.   My bestest friend: Nancy. Through the years...going on 35 could I not be thankful?
     7.   My car. I love the stereo system. On long drives, it makes the difference.
     8.   My education. Just so fortuitous to have been able to go back to school.
     9.   My job. I am so lucky to be a teacher.
     10. My circle of friends. they make me feel cared for.
     11. My quilt guild. It gave me an outlet to be social at a time when I needed it, and now has turned into an important part of my life.
     12. My sewing room. Where I get to create at will.
     13. The ability to read. Because there are so many books out there. Such good ideas to share and ponder.
     14. The ability to write. To be able to express myself and tell stories.
     15. My cat: Jerome, who is the most loving animal I have ever owned.
     16. My computer that allows me to write.
     17. T.V. I know...but I grew up watching television. It is the great relaxer.
     18. The wisdom I got from my mother. I wish I had known her longer.
     19. The lifestyle I got from my father. Without his dedication to his country, I would not have had all the experiences that shaped me.
     20. Good shoes.
     21. Excellent and easily accessible fabric stores.
     22. The ability to quilt.
     23. My acupuncturist.
     24. My phone. Seems silly, but it really does make my life easier.
     25. Having my family visit on holidays.
     26. Christmas. How could one not be thankful for Christmas?
     27. Mechanical pencils. Never need sharpening.
     28. Star Trek. Come know you're thankful for that!
     29. Natural history professor. Without him (even though I can not remember his name) I would never be able to know when I hear  a hummingbird.
     30.  Cameras. And phones with cameras that capture all the beautiful and wondrous of life's moments.
     I could probably go on. There are so many things to be thankful for but this will do for one day.
For all the people who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I am hoping this list will inspire you to think about being thankful for your own reasons. And if you are in America, Happy Thanksgiving!    

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