Friday, June 7, 2013

a little rant...

     I don't know about anyone else, but I shop a lot on-line and from catalogs. We live in a somewhat rural area which is devoid of good shopping, especially for a plus size woman like myself. The stores that are here are way too predictable in their selection. Ho Hum. So, I find myself shopping from a catalog to find some unusual clothes, or here's a concept, ones that actually fit me correctly. I was surprised and pleased to recently find some wide leg jeans (I carry a good portion of my weight in my hips and thighs; is what it is) in a catalog and sat down at my computer and ordered them. I have never, Never, NEVER (you get the idea) had jeans that fit me so nicely before in my life! Right length, right color, right weight, right waist position etc... all those things that are so aggravating to shop for in a jean.
     O.K. here's the issue.
     When did it become o.k. to charge an extra $5 for a larger size? Who started this? Why is this being allowed to continue? It kind of ticks me off, big time! :( This is pure, unadulterated prejudice. Now, I know, if you are reading this blog and you are not a plus size, you are probably thinking that it takes more fabric to make the larger size clothing. And therefore it takes more money to ship the raw materials and it takes longer to sew them because there is more fabric. Come on, Really? So, if we follow that rational, why are children's clothes so expensive? Why don't they give a discount if you are a petite, size 4? Nope, it's the regular price for everybody but oh, have a couple of extra pounds on you and suddenly you're charged more. (Oh, and except for a couple of nice companies, you also have to pay shipping which is based on THE PURCHASE PRICE! THIS IS DISCRIMINATION!)
     You say, "Don't pay it." "Don't shop from a catalog and don't buy anything on-line." Well, I suppose that is an answer, but it's not a good answer. Why should a plus size person be penalized for wanting to buy something that #1 they feel good in, and #2 is not the same thing as everybody else is wearing, and #3 actually fits? And even if you don't buy on-line, some regular stores that sell multiple sizes actually do this. Walmart comes to mind. They charge $2-$3 extra for a man's Big & Tall item, like T-shirts, and/or a Woman's plus size piece of clothing, like a night gown, if the item is also sold in regular sizes.
     I am on the mailing list of well over 2 dozen catalogs (they are easy reading with pretty pictures after a day of brain-numbing essay grading.) The other day, I think it was Monday, I got a new catalog in the mail. As I was looking through the rather nice selection of clothes, I found a gorgeous sweater in the softest teal blue. And then I looked at the price. It was a little pricey ~ $59, for a sweater to wear to work. And then I saw the price for plus sizes (starting at XL no less) was a full $10 more. WHAT? Did they think that just because they charged $5 for so long that now the market will bear $10? Are they crazy? I buy fabric all the time. I have been making clothes to fit myself since I was in junior high. I know the difference in how much it takes to make a garment one size bigger. Not anywhere near $5 and certainly not $10!!!
     I threw the catalog away in disgust.    

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