Thursday, March 14, 2013


     There are a couple of things I have been pondering lately. The first item regards men's ties. Most men who wear ties on a regular basis have been wearing them for a while. Why can't they get the knots straight when they tie their ties? I don't notice it so much on the regular guy types one passes on the street because they don't hold still long enough to really notice things like that. I'm mainly interested in the news broadcasters and other men on T.V. This is really beginning to bother me. I know many of the national news guys have make up and wardrobe people. Isn't it their job to make sure their boss goes on screen nice and neat and tidy? What would it take? Two seconds to race up and say, "Wait! Let me fix the tie!" Someone should take on this issue. Someone should be held responsible for this travesty of television viewing. And who decided that newscasters would be ok wearing striped ties? This just emphasises the crooked knot even more! A nice plain or small print tie would be nicer and then, if they don't get the knot just right, it is not so evident. My husband cringes when he sees a knot askew because he know's what's coming...a disgusted sigh and look of derision from me in my chair and usually... nope, he can't stop it...a short tirade on the inefficiencies of the support people in the studio. Come on...Is it too much to ask to straighten a tie? People, PLEASE!
     The second thing that is of concern, bowing again to the news programs, is the repeated stupid pitures they show in relationship to their news story. The other night we were watching the news (my husband swears he's going to forbid me to watch anymore because I just get angry...) and they were reporting a murder in Santa Maria, a stabbing, I think. Anyway, they put up a picture of a convience store. No cops, no patrol cars, no yellow tape, broad daylight (remember I said it was at night.) Now, was that the store where it happened? Was it a store even IN Santa Maria? What was the point? And last month when all the news stations were reporting the countdown to the "sequester" in Washington (a stupid name by the way...doesn't anybody check Sequester does not mean "to be stubborn" :/ ) every newscast I saw, that talked about the issue, showed paper money being printed? What was THAT supposed to mean? Were the stubborn politicians out printing money instead of making important decisions? Where they supposed to be voting on a new color for the money? What? I just don't understand what they are thinking. It would be nice if the pictures went WITH the news story. What a concept.
     My head hurts.
     That's all I'm going to ponder about today. I have essays to grade and that will require all my brain power. Guess I won't watch the news husband will be happy.

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