Thursday, February 21, 2013


     Today and tomorrow I am allowing my classes to create book marks for their school library. Each student is getting 3 pieces of 6"x1" of a card stock with a hole in the top. They will create 3 book marks and enter one into a contest I have name Mark the Page! They are excited about this little project. It's not every day one gets to put away vocabulary and essays to work on an art project in English class! But I have been focused on getting them to learn the library and use it. We have SSR (sustained silent reading) everyday and they go with me every 2 weeks to the library to check out books for SSR. So, as they are looking for a book every two weeks they are slowly learning the library system, and some of them have actually found authors they enjoy. It has always astounded me that the students in my school don't read. Many of them have never finished a book. Most of them come from homes that don't get magazines or even newspapers. They have no role models that read so they don't either.
     So back to the contest...they are doing a great job. I got together some art stuff and asked for some donations from the staff at school. We will work on them today and tomorrow and then each student will choose the one they want to enter the contest with and we will put them up on a bulletin board. Monday, I have asked staff and administration to come and judge. 1st., 2nd., and 3rd.,place for each block period. There are going to be prizes awarded Tuesday. All of them will be on display for the Open House Wednesday night and then all 250+ will be donated to the library. It is a fun project and I hope #1 that kids respect books and use the book marks, #2 that the Librarians don't have to take time out of their day to make them as they have been doing, and #3 that the students take pride and own a piece of their school and #4 that the students find value in the gift of a donation, however small, and feel good about it all.

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